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Bringing Our Community Together


As Vista transitions into a more innovative city, we must remain resilient against emergencies, energy increases, and water shortages. This is possible with creative government solutions such as community gardens and hyper-local food systems to combat food shortages and instability, rehabilitating existing buildings with resources to enhance education, technology, and recreation that brings our community together, and connecting people with accessible social service offices throughout our neighborhoods.

  • Ensure our leadership is working with county, state, and federal leadership towards affordability for ALL Vista residents.

  • Rehab existing buildings for housing and accessible social service resources.

  • Ensure housing is energy-efficient and resilient enough to withstand emergencies and energy increases, and that it has high safety and health standards built in to protect our families from environmental and social risks.

  • INNOVATE VISTA program to address climate, local economy, and infrastructure needs to help lower greenhouse gasses, improving the health of residents.

  • City of Vista Bi-Electric Vehicle initiative with increased car charging stations.


Creating resiliency at home is addressing national security, fighting against the threat of emergencies, and thinking about the future when we build. By ensuring smart infrastructure investments are put in place to rebuild our city, we make a Vista sustainable and enjoyable for generations to come. We must conduct a citywide study to review our buildings, energy, water, and transportation infrastructure to withstand the next 100 years due to impending climate shifts. With creative government solutions and public grants, we can protect Vista and rebuild it while boosting our economy and creating resiliency.

  • Ensures all city projects include a local workforce, local labor, local small businesses, and underserved businesses throughout North County.

  • Municipal Broadband and WiFi - Vista Smart City, inclusive economic tools through technology.

  • Conduct a study for potential mudslide and fire risk communities and place measures to ensure resilience.

  • Public education and awareness must be a key component as we build for our future, building the community response to how we address these challenges together. 


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